Last week I attended not one, but two ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

I know, I’m kind of a big deal.

One was a community event in New Port Richey and the other was the dedication of the new dorm at Trinity College (where Restoration meets).

At the first event, I was chatting it up and a guy asked me, “What do you do?”

I tried to give my normal answer, “I’m a logger.”

But, I was honest and told him I’m a pastor. And as is common, it shut the once vibrant conversation down right quick.

A couple of days later, at the next ribbon-cutting, he was there! I guess this guy really knows how to work some scissors.

He and I began talking again and he asked me another question.

“What church do you pastor?”

I told him, “Restoration Church.”

I loved what he said…

“So, you get to pastor those people.”


He continued, “I have met many of the Restoration people at the Verizon Event Center and they seem like great people.”

This guy who didn’t seem very excited about talking to a pastor was very impressed by the people of the church.

But, those two words made me stop in my tracks as I told him.

“Yes, I get to pastor them.”

I am simultaneously proud and humbled to be the pastor of Restoration Church every day.

I know many pastors who have to work at their churches. They feel stuck in their jobs and mandated to their people. I’m fortunate to get to be the pastor of Restoration.

If you’re a part of Restoration; thank you.

If you’re not a part of Restoration; you should be.

Each one of us get to be a part of this community.

(EDITORS NOTE: This was mentioned in a sermon, but it’s worth re-mentioning. Right?!)