Hello Friends!

With all of the news surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to send a note out to let you know that this is something we have been watching closely and taking precautions to do our best to keep our Restoration community healthy. We know that many of you have or have people you love with vulnerable immune systems, and we want you to know we take that seriously and that we are praying for you. Below you will see some changes we are making in efforts to keep everyone healthy.

As we continue to learn from medical professionals and experts, we will be looking at our plan and adjusting when needed. Please know that your health and your family’s well-being is a priority for us.

Here are some things you’ll notice on a Sunday at Restoration…

Our team is committed to keeping your kids healthy. You will notice a lot of disinfecting happening before and after service. Toys will be cleaned and parents, you can help us out by having your kids avoid grabbing food themselves or doing their own check-in.

For a while, we will be serving only individually wrapped treats on Sunday mornings. We promise donuts will be back, but for now, enjoy a wrapped muffin on us. We will do our best to keep the coffee pot handles disinfected, but feel free to bring coffee from home if you are nervous.

We are taking many precautions as we gather for lunch after church this Sunday.  You will notice gloved volunteers handing out plates and utensils, Individually packaged condiments, things like that. We hope you can join us, but please know that if you feel uncomfortable being in that environment, we completely understand. We want you to take care of yourself and we are excited to have you join us next time.

Come join the fun, but during greeting time remember that you don’t have to shake hands, a smile or air high five is also lovely. We’ll be awarding points for creativity. Not really. Just remember, wash your hands and you don’t have to touch each other. You can also take advantage of the hand sanitizer placed around the building.

That’s right, it’s bring your own pen month! We are going to try to prevent the spread of germs by not putting out pens and papers on the seats. We will have them at the connection desk along with connect cards and giving envelopes. You can bring your own pen for all those notes we know you love to take. 🙂

If you are sick, stay home and get better. We want everyone to be a part of our Sunday mornings, but we also know that sleep and rest can cure so much. Get better and come back to join us!

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If anything changes, we will let you know. During this time of uncertainty, let’s be praying for our leaders, doctors, and medical staff. Even in times like this, we know that perfect love casts out fear and we get to share the peace we experience in Jesus with our community. let’s remember to keep our eyes open, care for our neighbors, and love each other well.

Have a great day! We will see you on Sunday!

– Jenessa