We had such a huge response of emails, texts and comments about this past Sunday at Restoration we figured it shouldn’t stop there. This neighboring concept is not a new one (which we’ll talk more about this Sunday), but it is an art form – one we are losing. It’s not just neighborly kindness we’re losing; it’s connection, it’s contact, it’s community.

We are in a culture where we could all benefit from having and being better neighbors. As we discussed, 48% of Generation Z and Millennial (as well as empty-nesters) would self-identify as “lonely”. But, often we look to cure loneliness in all the wrong places.

Commonly, when loneliness becomes the problem, we think social media is the cure. We just gotta get on the Facebooks and see how everyone else is out there living their #bestlife. But, this isn’t a cure for loneliness. It’s a cause. 

What if the cure for lack of connection wasn’t online, but was on your block?

We see this beautiful line in John 1:14, (which we talked briefly about in the Life in a Tent Without a Campground series). John calls Jesus the word and says,

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us

He dwells, lives, does life among us.

Eugene Peterson paraphrased the Bible in The Message. His interpretation of this verse is:

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.

Jesus himself, full of the power of God, finds that the most meaningful connection he can have with his creation is to literally, actually, move into the neighborhood.

If Jesus’ mission began by moving into our neighborhood, that’s where our mission begins as well. We must move into our neighborhoods.

Below, I’ve given a few verses you can read this week as you process and pray. Would you join me as we, as a community, move into our neighborhoods?

[If you hit a spot in these verses where you get confused or hung up, don’t hesitate to reach out.]

Week 1

Monday // Esther 4:8-17

Tuesday // Luke 10:25-37

Wednesday // 1 John 3:17-18

Thursday // John 15:12

Friday // Matthew 25:34-36