I have a brother who is not small. By not small, I mean like he’s really not small. He’s whatever the opposite of really small is. You use whatever term you’d like. You wouldn’t be wrong.

We were getting on a flight one time with my entire family. Since planes were built for humans who stopped growing in third grade, my brother rarely fits into airplane seats.

He squeezed his way down the aisle and forced his way into a seat – from which we began to wonder if he’d ever be able to get back out – and stretched the seatbelt across his lap.

A little while later, everyone in the plane was seated in their assigned seats and the pilot began giving his spiel. Meanwhile, a sweet little flight attendant was walking down the aisle of the plane inspecting carry-ons stowed safely under the seat in front of you, seatbelts fastened, tray tables up and seat backs in the upright and locked positions. As she passed our row, she slowed down, then came to a stop.

Worriedly, the flight attendant leaned across our row and got right into my brother’s face and sincerely whispered directly to him, “Sir, we’re going to have to redistribute the weight of the plane. So, we’re going to have to ask you to change seats.” My brother looked at her in a little bit of shock which presented itself as a smirk. Then she continued, “It’s for the safety of all of the passengers.”

So, my brother un-wedged himself from the seat and looked around, expecting to see lots of people changing seats in order to redistribute the weight of an entire airplane. But, no one else moved. Just him and one little older lady switched places.

Apparently, that’s all it took. Now we were safe.

There are times in life where we think the safest thing we can do is to stay still. We get scared or ever scarred and we think that suddenly it’s time to stay still, static, even stagnant – and somehow that will keep us safe.

I would argue that sometimes the safest thing we can do is get up and move. It’s sometimes the safest way to live. God rarely calls people to stay put, more often He continues to push people into new places, outside of comfort zones but inside of His will.

We are in one of those places right now. We have an amazing opportunity in front of us right now at Restoration.

We’ve enjoyed our time at the Trinity Meeting Center. Michael and Joanne and Uncle Ronnie have been fantastic and we really can’t thank them enough for their gracious hosting of our brand new community from May to October. But, as you may be aware, we are already beginning to outgrow this space. It’s a great problem to have.

A few months ago we were at Trinity College (right around the corner from the Trinity Meeting Center). Trinity College is a small Christian college which is actually where the town of Trinity got its name. We were there for an event and noticed an amazing space they have for services with three adjacent classrooms. Immediately, we thought that the school may be a perfect place in which Restoration could launch.

I happened to bump into the Vice President of Business & Finance for the school. I asked him about using their space. He put me in touch with their facilities people and we’ve been working on mutually beneficial ways to use the space.

What’s amazing is that the school is actually asking less money for more space and more time. We are extremely excited about this move, to say the least.

That’s not to say that we’ve arrived. We’re merely moving.

I don’t believe that God is still, static or stagnant.

I believe He’s always moving.

My prayer for Restoration is that we would never feel as though we’ve arrived. Rather, we would continue to keep moving wherever God calls us at His pace and timing.

This move will come with its share of change. We will need more people involved:

More people on the Welcome Team.

More people setting up and tearing down.

More people involved in music and Restoration Kids.

These are not challenges. These are opportunities and a great way to get more involved.

If you are not serving yet, please contact Jenessa to discuss where you can get plugged in. I believe as God calls us corporately to move, He’s also calling people individually to move because sometimes, the safest thing we can do is to get up and move.