I love a bargain. For reals.


I have been a member of CouponMom.com since I was 21. I’m sure I was the only 21 year old male on their distribution list. Yes, the membership is still active. I am a coupon mom.

In church planting, thriftiness is kind of mandatory. We really have no choice but to be the church on the cheap. It’s actually awesome to watch how few earthly resources it requires to expand a heavenly Kingdom.

Our goal for July at Restoration is to purchase the equipment we will need to make our space attractive and functional for the children and adults who will come through the doors and do this as efficiently as possible. We were recently gifted a very high end digital sound board with input boxes that would’ve cost us nearly $8,000. (Thank you Cornwall Church!) Next we needed speakers. To save some money, I’m a big fan of used gear. So, I’ve set up alerts on Craigslist and eBay so when the things are available, I get notified.

The other day, I came across a deal that was pretty fantastic. It was someone selling the exact speakers we were wanting. In addition, this seller had the matching subwoofers plus the cases. They also had some cables, microphones, stands and other accessories for sale, but we could really only afford the main speakers.

I drove down to Riverview area to take a look at the speakers. Fortunately, I’ve spent most of my life designing systems like this, so I generally know what to look for. I’ve also got some amazing people who I can call who are real smart and are giving us considerable amounts of their time to help.

When I got there, I met this awesome fella. He was super friendly and had everything set up for me to hear. We listened to some music and got to talking. He had purchased all of this stuff for some friends who had a band with the intention that they would buy it from him. Unfortunately, only a few weeks later, the band broke up (with no reunion tour in sight). He’s held onto the gear and taken care of it, but finally decided to sell it.

Then, he asked me, “What are you going to do with it?”

I told him we were planting a church. We were beginning a unique story with incredible people in the Trinity area. As we continued to talk and unfold this picture of what has happened and what is currently happening at Restoration, the man broke down in tears. He went in, got his wife and brought her outside saying, “You gotta meet this guy.”

We talked for awhile longer and he continued to show serious emotion. He finally asked me, “So, you just need these speakers?” I proceeded to tell him that we needed any/everything, but we only could afford the speakers. He looked to his wife, then at me and said, “We just want to give you all of it for the price of those speakers. All of it.”

I know equipment and I know bargains and we were already at a bargain for the speakers alone. But, this was more than a bargain. This was a a gift.

We loaded everything up. Microphones, cables, cases, stands, monitor, equalizers the speakers and the subwoofers in their cases. It filled the entire truck; both the cab and the bed. Before I left, the couple asked to please let them know when we launch. They wanted to make the hour drive to come and see this church in person.

It’s just these little things isn’t it? Just those times where God is in the details. Where you can drive away from a simple purchase of speakers and feel that somehow God was involved and present in that moment and that meeting.

Let’s see what he does next. We need some road cases?!