The SOLD Sign

sold sign

The SOLD Sign

I have lots of friends in the real estate business. Almost too many to mention. My friend Stacy began working with a real estate firm in Bellingham, Washington. And my friend Carrie, then Kyle, then Nathan, then Curtis, and even Leah all ended up working in the real estate market. They are really good at what they do and they work super hard to get people into the right homes.

If you drive around Bellingham, you’d see signs for their company all over the place. They have signs in front of residential properties, business properties, even on those stretches of blank space (TaySway reference) where they’re selling undeveloped land.

The real estate sign saying “for sale” is one that is pretty unremarkable. This method of advertising is pretty old school, yet still effective; You put a sign out, people drive by and call the number or visit the website. It’s easy advertising for the realtor to sell the house.

But, have you ever thought, “Why don’t they just take the sign right out of the yard right after the house is sold?” They leave the sign in the yard. Instead of taking the sign away, they add something to it. They add that small, but eye-catching plaque with a single word:


It seems like the most effective use of that sign would be to move it to another “for sale” property – not turning it into a “sold” sign, but they know it’s good to see the SOLD sign. It means that things are clicking. Things are working. It’s a reminder that things are going well.

In the Old Testament, they had a SOLD sign to remember success. It wasn’t only to celebrate their own success, but to remember the times that God came through for them. It as called the Ebenezera commemoration of divine assistance. It was literally just a stone that they would set down to remind themselves of times where God had granted them favor and given them success.

Let’s face it. We’re short sighted.

We don’t remember things very long. Life moves fast. There’s always a new news story on our feed. There’s always a new photo to post. There’s always a new gadget to buy. Our lives move fast and always march forward. While I love progress (and I really do) I think we’re really bad at remembering important moments. 

We especially forget those moments where God came through for us. Those moments where we didn’t think we’d make it and somehow we did.

It could be financial,

it could be a career move,

it could be trying to have a child,

or overcoming an illness or an accident.

These are moments that we think we’ll never ever forget, but as life goes by so do our memories.

In the Old Testament, God’s people would lay down these Ebenezer to remember these important moments.

This blog is essentially the same. It’s simply an Ebenezer or a SOLD sign (at least for me). I was talking to a lady I respect so much who visited our church a couple weeks ago. She mentioned to me that we should really be sure to document this time in our existence and she was 100% right.

We are in a crazy exciting time at Restoration.

We are just getting things going and God is pulling us right along and we’re just trying to keep up. There are so many exciting stories going on and I don’t want to forget them. I also don’t want to keep them to myself. Hopefully, this will serve as an Ebenezer of God’s faithfulness and a SOLD sign reminding us of His victories.

Kevin Stamper | Lead Pastor | @kevinstamper