Hey Restoration Community!

We're excited to be back!

We are excited to be able to gather together again and we’re excited to see you there! As excited as we are, we also want you to know that if you are not ready to meet in person, we completely understand. You can always attend online on Facebook, on our app, or at

Here's a little video about our current masking policy:

Mask Up 
All attendees over the age of 3 and all staff will be required to wear face coverings while inside the gatherings. We have some available if you need one.
Heat Check
We will be using non-contact temperature reading on volunteers and staff prior to each gathering.
Crowd Control
We will be controlling the maximum daily attendance in accordance with Florida’s guidelines.
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
We will sanitize and disinfect the building according to CDC guidelines after each gathering.
Social Physical Distancing
We don’t believe in remaining socially distant, but we do need to maintain physical distancing. Seating areas in the auditorium will encourage plenty of distance between seated parties. Seats will be removed or blocked off to promote a clear 6- foot gap between individuals and/or families seated together.
Give Us Clean Hands
We will be encouraging hand washing and will have sanitizing stations through the building.

Restoration kids

We can’t wait to regather with your kids! We are busy preparing a safe and fun environment for all our friends!
Here are just a some of the new procedures you can expect in Restoration Kids:
Our 10am service will have a room for kids from Birth to 5 years old. Because space in this room is limited, parents will need to make reservations for their kids before arriving.
Once in the room,
  • Masks will be worn by leaders
  • Sanitized toys
  • Temperatures check for leaders and kids
  • Touch-less check-in
  • No outside belongings will come into the room (diapers bags, toys, ect.)
  • No drinks or snacks will be provided
  • No bathroom runs or diaper changes (parent will be notified to take their
    child to the bathroom or to change a diaper)

Kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade will stay in service with their parents and we’ll have our Kids Kits for them to keep them occupied during service. Again, we will need RSVP to get their Kids Kits.

restoration students

We are working out plans for Restoration Students! We will keep you posted as we make decisions, but we will resume in person very soon. For now, we will continue to meet on Zoom weekly. Email us for more information about our Zoom gatherings.