restoration is a community committed to bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth through engaging our surrounding culture, living out authentic community, and ultimately through leading people to restoration through jesus christ.


Our goal is to remain culturally relevant and meet people where they are. That doesn’t mean that we try to be the coolest church, but that we understand our community’s needs. Just like Jesus, we begin where they are, not where we want them to be and then we invite them to join our community and ultimately Christ’s Kingdom here on earth.


We do life in community because we believe we were created for community. It is not just a program, but an active ingredient in everything we do. It is where we live out the “one another’s” mentioned so often in the Bible. Community is how we hold one another accountable, how we care for one another, and how we do life with one another.


Every single event, activity or program should create an opportunity for people to encounter Jesus. We believe that only Christ can change hearts and restore lives. We bring people to Him so that He can do, what only He can do. Once we’re restored in and through our relationship with Christ, we can begin to restore our community and even our culture.